Gavin GoszkaI’ve been involved in music in one form or another since age 7, and began writing my own songs at age 14. My primary instrument of choice has been the piano/keyboards, but I also sing and have been known to pick up a set of drumsticks or fire up a bass amplifier from time to time. I currently share writing and producing duties for both the gothic horror soundtrack outfit Midnight Syndicate as well as electronica-based Subtle Inversion (featuring vocaloid Megurine Luka). In addition, I have explored the world of Victorian era popular music through Parlormuse, which adds a slightly modern twist via folk-rock arrangements. I’m a big fan of anime and anime music – you may have spotted me performing some of my favorite songs acoustically at conventions throughout the Midwest and along the East Coast, in fact. When I’m not playing, you can typically find me eagerly chatting with customers at Home Circle Media‘s latest vending location. Other recent creative exploits include landscape painting, writing fiction, and making my own jewelry.